Circus West Village Hall

Battersea Power Station and the Battersea Arts Centre are working together to create a heart, or a village within the Circus West Battersea development.

Property Enquiries

It's all about bringing people together in the Circus West Village Hall. There will also be a larger venue for to accomodate larger scale events. The aim is to make Circus West, village like, providing a diverse range of activities within the heart of the development.

A village is all about community and bringing people together to share experiences. This is the idea for Circus West. Village life will be an important part of the Battersea experience.

Circus West Village Hall Venue

Consultations will take place in order to develop a program of activities and events, which will be designed with the local community at heart.

The Circus West Village Hall will make Circus West, a place to enjoy rather than just a place to live. Watch the video to find out more about The Battersea Arts Centre.